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Introducing TextSpeak CE Cellular SMS/Text to Speech Amplifier for Audio Security Alerts and Voice Mass Notification

Convert SMS cellular text messages directly to voice to support Campus Notification Systems, Alert Feeds and Security paging announcements

ISC West, Las Vegas USA – April 05th 2016 – TextSpeak today introduced CE, the industry’s first cellular enabled text to speech amplifier. This new addition to the TextSpeak Device Amplifier family transfers SMS emergency cellular text messages directly to endpoint speakers and paging systems. Simply send an SMS message to the pre-assigned telephone number and the TextSpeak CE amplifier speaks the text. The system supports 25 languages and instantly converts text and data to a high definition, natural sounding voice.

For the first time, wide-area mass notifcations can reach beyond registered mobile phones. A single CE amplifier can announce a standard text message, sent from anywhere, directly to a paging system. The amplifier can also resend texted data to another network and/or display the announcement on an overhead LED message sign. User definable security levels ensure that only messages from authorized personnel, automated systems and/or emergency responders may generate announcements.

The CE also supports the standard features of the Device Amplifier series:

  • High definition 25 W audio paging amplifier
  • Ambient noise detection for Automatic Level Control
  • Advanced speech dictionary and real-time language changing
  • Capability to mix live Text to Speech and pre-recorded Wave files

To enhance the user experience, TextSpeak offers factory setup with service by Verizon Wireless™. When optionally purchased, the TTS-EN-C ships with a US phone number pre-assigned on a low cost monthly plan. Service subscription required.

“The TextSpeak CE is a great new member in our eTextSpeak Device family of solutions already supporting Ethernet, Serial, Wi-Fi and Mobile applications” said TextSpeak President Nancy Wolfe. “We focus on cost-effective solutions where text and voice need to converge, redefining the use-case for text to speech. For security applications, cellular is essential in the delivery of mass notification alerts. With the CE we now can bridge the gap to create wide area announcements from a simple cell phone message.”

Our new technology is applicable in any area requiring emergency announcements, including campuses, health care institutions, government and private facilities, and mass transit hubs. A single TextSpeak CE can now offer Mass Notification capabilities to a corporation or institution that is in need, but is restricted by budgeting and cost concerns. This has the potential to greatly improve the availability and effectiveness of emergency and security mass communications.


TextSpeak is the world’s leading provider of multi-language embedded Text to Speech products. Based in Westport Connecticut, TextSpeak designs and produces human sounding embedded text to speech (TTS) ADA compliant voice solutions for transportation systems, banking, industrial, security, educational campuses, healthcare facilities and mass emergency notification systems. Founded in 1992 TextSpeak solutions are currently deployed in thousands of locations worldwide including the Paris and New York City Transit Systems, Ford Motor Proving Grounds and the NSA Lawrence Livermore Labs. TextSpeak also manufactures low cost Talking Keyboards to aid members in the disability community.

TextSpeak CE amplifier

TextSpeak’s new CE Cellular Text to Speech Amplifier