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Based in Westport, Connecticut, TextSpeak is the world’s leading provider of multi-language embedded Text to Speech products. Since 1992 we have pioneered and patented, creating new markets in voice recognition, IP audio and speech synthesis.

Today our enterprise products are deployed in thousands of locations worldwide including vast installations throughout the Paris, New York and Los Angeles transit systems, at Lawrence Livermore Labs & Ford Motor proving grounds.  In the Security markets our advanced alerting and notification systems are informing and protecting businesses and universities worldwide, including facilities for the largest corporations in the world. In vehicles we are on-the-road, announcing and alerting real-time location information on city wide fleets of commercial buses.

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Transit Systems
Transit Systems
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Some of our Milestones:

2019 Award of US Patent for world’s first Mass Notification over IoT solution that broadly covers the technology of earBridge™ & Notify! Learn more here

SIA Winner, at ISC West – 2 years in a row TextSpeak has won categories for Mass Notification, including Judges Choice for TextSpeak CE Text to Speech Cellular Device Amplifier in 2016, and in 2017, NPS for TextSpeak Notify! by the SIA, Security Industry Association.

Deployed the world’s first IP Intercom to secure the perimeter of Hong Kong International airport

Invented, produced and patented the first-of-it’s-kind digital audio intercom to work over Ethernet. Since our work, this methodology has been adopted worldwide as the proven standard for “audio over IP” 2 way voice communication.

New York Times recognizes Tell A Phone® voice dialing design

When voice dialing was just a vague concept, we built it and showcased the idea to the world.  “… technology the way it’s supposed to work..”  New York Times Technology ‘Circuits’ review

NASA Space Shuttle mission deploys TextSpeak TTS voice module sky high

We were selected to provide a solution that could let people around the world listen to telemetry data, spoken by voice. Shuttle Discovery Mission STS-116; Radar Fence Transponder (RAFT)

Best of Show awards at MAC World and AVIOS awarded for product designs

MAC World Best of Show, AVIOS Speech Convention Best of Show

ISC WEst Award
ISC WEst Award
ISC WEst Award

TextSpeak technology supports our Military

TTS-EM-HD2 technology showcased for use in IED detection systems

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