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US Patent granted for our Mass Notification over IoT!

Spring 2019: TextSpeak’s game changing technology for delivering Mass Notification and audio alerts over low bandwidth SMS and Cat-M1 Cellular channels has been awarded a US Patent. We are getting ready ship and license our innovation in a new series of products for...

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earBridge expands reach to new systems

TextSpeak earBridge-CE cellular now enhances alert and Mass Notification emergency safety alerts to existing systems. Our IoT cellular interfaces create INSTANT connectivity to generate voice announcements with systems from AtHoc™, EverBridge™, Omnilert™ ,...

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TextSpeak deployed in NY,FL,CA Transit centers

April 2017: TextSpeak has been selected for use by NYC bus system. This puts TextSpeak deployments for transit both above and below the streets of New York, serving BOTH transit bus and subway deployments at over 1000 passenger stops. Learn more here at...

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