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All about TextSpeak’s award winning* , Mass Notification systems and products.

A Unified Mass Notification Solution. All-In-One, ready to install and use.

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A complete unified Mass Notification Alerting System.

*Winner of America’s SIA (Security Industry Association) for 2 consecutive years as ‘Best Mass Notification System’

Out-of-box solution makes it possible to give officials access to a powerful and effective emergency and general notification solution, either as standalone or extension of an existing system, with integration into local emergency services.

The Device amplifiers accept text data input via the TextSpeak Cloud, and output high-definition speech, either to an existing PA system or to local speakers driven from the 25 Watt amplifier output.

The TextSpeak App for smartphones, and the emergency pendant, allow users to send pre-programmed and custom messages and alerts. Managers can set up multiple users each with their own level of access to the system. And the system can handle single amps or multiple destinations including access to local emergency responders.

Everything included in a single purchase. Ready to use. Ships from stock. Installs simply.

Amazingly affordable.

TextSpeak NOTIFY! System – Alerts in seconds -Includes everything needed, ready to install right out of the box.


  • Generate Audio announcements directly from one click buttons and phrases from typed text
  • Includes TextSpeak’s exclusive patented paging amplifiers
  • Send high volumes of SMS , Emails and voice calls instantly
  • Includes One-Touch TextSpeak NOTIFY! emergency pendant
  • Simple and intuitive Web based cloud management tools
  • A complete Emergency Notification System ; All-In-One
  • Options: Additional Device amplifiers, speakers, pendants and feeds to digital signage
TextSpeak NOTIFY System Infographic

TextSpeak Smartphone and Browser Mass Notification Apps

Administrators can add as many users as are required to the system, each with their own smartphone or browser TextSpeak App. All apps are connected to the audio amplifier(s) via the TextSpeak Cloud and messaging and typed phrases are converted to high-definition speech clear and intelligible mass notification announcements.

TextSpeak mobile application launches with a one-button, programmable emergency push alert, and then defaults to a set of instant application announcements for quick response mass notification alerts.

TextSpeak Notificaion App Features:

  • Available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets
  • Available for Mac OSX and Windows browsers
  • Scalable design fits Mass Notification for small business, K12, campus, facilities, factory and large venues.
  • Emergency alert notification with one-button screen at startup
  • Pre-programmed buttons with announcement message and combinations of destinations
  • Send text to speech messages or play pre-recorded message from Device amps
  • Send text messages, and text to voice calls, to phones
  • Integrates with fire system voice evaucation panels.
  • Low cost Mass Notification Software, ready to use!
TextSpeak App for Smartphones and Browsers

TextSpeak Mass Notification Audio Amplifiers

  • Instant Emergency Mass Notification clearly spoken audio alerts from text based phrases.  Now Patented!
  • A perfect solution for emergency push notification for small businesses to add both software and audio alerts.

TextSpeak NOTIFY! comes with a single audio ‘device’ amplifier, additional Devices may be added to the system. Three versions are available with Cellular (service subscription required), network Ethernet or WiFi data input capability.

Each Device audio amplifier includes a line out for connection to existing audio and PA systems as well as a 25 Watt power output for directly feeding local speakers. TextSpeak NOTIFY!  Contact us if you would like us to source additional speakers for your system.

TextSpeak Device Amplifier Features:

  • Text to Speech – 9 concurrent languages and over 24 voices
  • High Def amp for unparalleled intelligibility and direct drive for speakers
  • Support for remote upgrade and file transfers
  • Switch from TTS to/from user stored pre-recorded audio files
  • Complete user control from remote locations
One-Box Device Amplifiers

TextSpeak NOTIFY!  Mass Notification Cloud Management

Administrators create a TextSpeak NOTIFY! account linked to the Device hardware to manage the messages, destinations, and user access levels for the smartphone and browser TextSpeak App. The admin portal is accessed from any Windows or Mac OSX web browser. A separate setup browser app is available for initial setup of the TextSpeak Device amplifiers including upload of pre-recorded WAV files and firmware updates.

TextSpeak NOTIFY! Administrator Features:

  • Add/delete and manage access levels for users
  • Define destinations including; Device amps, text messages to phones, and text to voice calls to phones
  • Define the main one-click emergency message that appears on mobile app startup
  • Define the main one-click messages that include a message and destinations
  • Define normal messages that just include the message, the user can decide the destinations
  • Low cost and affordable class of services has won Best Mass Notification catagory by the Security Association of America
  • Manage more sophisticated features including messages and destinations for Device amp contact closure input (DIN)
  • Administrators also have their own TextSpeak App
TextSpeak NOTIFY Admin and Setup

TextSpeak integrates and supports most Mass Notification Systems

TextSpeak Notify! and earBridge Mass Notification Hardware can also add a VOICE to your EXISTING Mass Notification and Mass Alerting distribution system. Improve and expand Notify! using your existing Ad-Hoc™, EverBridge™, Omnilert™ , Blackboard™, SendWordNow™ and Rave™ systems. Just add the pre-configured mobile number to your registered distribution list for SMS and Text Emergency Notification Messages , and earBridge will ANNOUNCE the text message anywhere you need live audio announcements.

Textspeak is a trademark of TextSpeak Corporation. Rave, SendWordNow, Mir3, EverBridge, AtHoc, Omnilert and AlertUs are registered trademarks of their respective owners.