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Protecting Schools, Colleges, K12 with Real-Time Emergency Mass Notification Audio Announcements

Mass Notification for the Masses™

With a rise in potential emergency threats to the campus, schools and colleges are faced with the task of providing emergency response and notifications to staff, students, parents and emergency services. While existing solutions are available, in most cases they are complex, expensive and rely on services from multiple vendors. Supporting legacy systems also impedes development and innovation.

TextSpeak takes a two-tiered approach to Campus Safety and Mass Notification recognizing that all locations are not the same. From smaller K-12 schools, that may only have a basic PA and network system or none at all, to larger college campuses that incorporate existing complex security systems, TextSpeak has redefined and reimagined how to address the many challenges of campus safety with TextSpeak NOTIFY!

TextSpeak NOTIFY

NOTIFY! Mass Notification

Completely Integrated Mass Notification for K-12 and College Campuses

TextSpeak One-Box Campus
TextSpeak NOTIFY!

Send pre-programmed text messages from smartphone and browser TextSpeak App to the following types of destinations:

  • TextSpeak Device Amplifiers for high-definition announcements
  • SMS text messages to phones
  • Text to high-definition speech for voice calls to phones

TextSpeak App:

  • Emergency screen on launch with single button one-click message for critical Mass Notification events
  • One-click messages that include pre-programmed text message and single or multiple destinations
  • 4 One-Click Messages on large red buttons for fast and easy access to the most critical messages
  • Pre-programmed Normal Messages where the user selects a destination manually


  • TextSpeak Emergency Pendant can trigger pre-programmed alerts from the TextSpeak Device amplifiers and send SMS and text to voice messages to phones
  • Users with special access can create and edit their own messages and can select destinations
TextSpeak NOTIFY!
  • Manage users – add users, edit user access levels to allow managers and associates to individually edit messages and/or destinations
  • Create multiple individual destinations for use in the TextSpeak App:
    • Textspeak Device Amplifiers for high-definition spoken announcements
    • Phones that can receive SMS alert text messages
    • Phones that can receive text to voice spoken word calls
  • Create and name Destination Groups that include multiple destinations
  • Create One-Click Messages that include a text message and single or multiple destinations
  • Create Normal Messages that just include text message – user selects destination
  • Create Events – define what message gets sent, and to which destination(s), when the emergency pendant is activated
  • Create Events – define what happens when the hard-wired DIN Device Amplifier input is activated for local triggering. With an optional add-on board the DIN input can be made to activate from multiple button or other wired triggers, each with its own One-Click Message
  • Create the Emergency One-Click message that appears when the app first launches


Complete System Installs in Hours

Includes Everything—Completely Wireless or Ethernet

Real-time Audio Paging • Suite of Mobile Apps • Group Mass Notification
Push Button Alerts • 911 Contact • Off-Premise Announcements

TextSpeak NOTIFY! System
What’s In The Box


  • TextSpeak Device paging amplifiers – choice of low cost IoT Cellular, WiFi or Ethernet connectivity – line output to existing audio and PA systems, plus 25 Watt output for powering local speakers – power supply included
  • TextSpeak NOTIFY! Admin software to manage users and pendants
  • TextSpeak App Client iPhone and Android smartphone app
  • TextSpeak App Client web browser software
  • TextSpeak Device amplifier setup browser software with audio file upload capability
  • One-Touch TextSpeak NOTIFY! emergency pendant
  • Horn PA Speaker
  • Web based cloud management tools
  • Options: Additional pendants, TextSpeak Device amplifiers, hardware option Device amp board to allow for multiple hard-wired trigger inputs, feeds to digital signage
TextSpeak System Components