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A New Solution for Multi-Location Enterprise Mass Notification Alerts

Current trends in mass notification are focusing on cell phones as the primary vehicle to reach people for school shootings or closures, amber alerts, impending weather, crisis management, and more.

Widely available software that can instantly send registered users thousands of identical messages offers governmental and educational administrators a powerful public safety tool.

Unfortunately, this one-message-fits-all approach is not effective in most workplaces.

Office Building

The likelihood of a catastrophic workplace event happening is so low that managers find it difficult to justify the purchase and maintenance of an expensive mass notification system.

It’s not that they don’t want to protect their employees, tenants, customers, and visitors—they do. But the challenges to select, deploy, and fund a truly effective, tailored system, often leads to total inaction.

TextSpeak Notify! addresses these demands for flexibility of messaging, operational simplicity, organizational scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Shopping Center

TextSpeak NOTIFY AppTextSpeak Notify! harnesses the power of existing cellular communications with Ethernet, WiFi, SMS, email, and critical audio notifications to deliver instant calls to action.

This solution empowers virtually any member of your organization—from shop foreman to CEO—to initiate mass messaging from wherever they are.

TextSpeak’s proven and industry award winning Text-To-Speech technology is our unique communication backbone. It allows a path that starts at the most basic level and seamlessly scales upwards. Clients purchase and configure only the elements needed—no over-buying wasted, unwanted capacity.

College Campus

The basic building block of the TextSpeak Notify! System is the user-defined Location. Not simply a physical space, the Location encompasses all persons and areas related to operations, including off-site personnel, audio announcements anywhere, emergency responders and global managers. All are tied to a location as needed, when needed.

Examples of a single Location:

  • All buildings and staff of a school campus
  • A single factory building with its staff and employees
  • A retail mall complex with movie theaters, covering staff and customers
  • One building, facility or store chain spanning national or global locations, that report and converge information to a corporate command center

By adding Locations, the width of the system expands, and each location is given as much autonomy as the System Administrator allows.

Locations might be units of a larger enterprise, or have no relation to each other but can tie to and interact with their Organization command center and security personal in real-time.

Factory Floor

Groups of Locations can be supervised and operated by one or more Location Administrators. This provides consistency and real-time monitoring of any alert situations over a broader area, as well as the ability to send wide-area alerts to any or all of their Locations.

The Location Admininistrator selects users who can initiate reports or alarms, and preset actions and messages for notifications.

By extension, Location Administrators are managed by the Organization System Administrator, creating a top level of monitoring and supervision. This is especially important for corporations and government facilities with many geographic locations.

This feature allows for high-level access to unobtrusive, real-time reporting on a need-to-know basis.

Admin Screen Dashboard

Another critically important feature of the TextSpeak Notify! System is the user’s ability to change the composition of the system at any time. Unlike hard-wired systems, TextSpeak Notify! can be enlarged, downsized, or moved to a new location, persisting and adapting during the evolution of a business or enterprise.

Time to deploy is simplified with optional cellular readiness. A complete TextSpeak Notify! system can be up and running in a day. As an important added benefit cellular allows a fully operational TextSpeak Notification system to run independently from protected or hard-to-access corporate IP and POS networks.

Pilot programs, early or full deployment, and even single-point-of-failures are all addressed with our multiple communication channels. As corporate IT authorization is granted, migration to IP and internal networks is seamless.

Timely reporting with automatic RSS feeds, weather alerts, physical sensors, events and even internal messaging via XML is a must. TextSpeak Notify! supports all these channels of operation.

Paging Horn

Finally, effective Mass Notification is a long-term investment where longevity of use is critical. TextSpeak runs on technologies that support communication channels destined to grow to billions of daily data messages in the coming years. Unlike other IP and e-alerts systems, TextSpeak Notify! will fully operate, and offer instant real-time audio using Text-To-Speech in this emerging data-only IOT environment.

With all this capability systems still need to protect against a single point of failure and offer redundancy with supervision.

The TextSpeak ecosystem of independent communications channels, integrated audio, cloud services with multiple points converging, and dashboard monitoring offers confidence and reliability.

For example, a single off-the-shelf UPS supply can offer reporting of power failures when IP networks are down. Even when natural disasters throttle Cellular data bandwidth (Hurricane Katrina), TextSpeak Notify! can revert to SMS channels and keep informing.

TextSpeak Notify Smartphone

The global flexibility of the TextSpeak Notify! System is enhanced by a key design component: essential operations and data control reside on the TextSpeak cloud portal. The client-operational software is accessed by any conventional web browser, from any Internet-connected device.

This also allows data from each organization client to be collected and warehoused in one location for review and analysis, anywhere.

Perhaps most importantly, the TextSpeak Notify! System’s high—definition integrated Text-to-Speech technology brings spoken-word announcements to any location, even in buildings or areas without installed Ethernet or PA wiring.

Setup Laptop

In today’s world, audio warnings by a simple alarm bell or klaxon are no longer adequate, offering only confusion and panic instead of simple instructions.

TextSpeak Notify! is the obvious solution when there is a strong need for audio-broadcast notifications—like situations involving high ambient noise (workplaces), zones that disallow cellphone usage (schools), or places populated with customers, guests, and visitors who do not have registered phones for SMS messages (schools, retail, buildings, and public areas and public events).

TextSpeak Notify! is not simply another Mass Notification product in a noisy world of essentially-the-same products, oversold capabilities, extraordinary annual costs and inherent e-Alert limitations.

Our system is leading an evolution of Mass Notification based on all the newest technology that, when used wisely, reinvents the status quo. Think CD/DVD, and then think about today’s digital delivery of entertainment. This is our story.

Winner, Best Mass Notification Category from Security Industry Association 2016, 2017

ISC West Best In Show Award

TextSpeak Customers Include:

ADM • Ascom IW • Bridgestone
Broward County Transit • CCI (ATM/Banking)
ChubbEdwards • Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Ford • GoodYear • InfoCom
JC Decaux • Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) • John Deere
Mass Bay Commuter Rail (Boston) • MetroLink USA
Naval Sea Systems Command
New York City Transit (NYPA) RailComm
Redbox • Royal Canadian Air Force
SARTA Pennsylvania • Social Security Admin
Solem • Sony • Surtronic
TeleService Skane
Walt Disney

TextSpeak Notify! System

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