Fire System Announcements

Enhanced Audio Evacuation Announcements

Add Real-Time Mass Notification to new and existing systems.

A new way to inject REAL-TIME  DYNAMIC CONTENT for active shooter and crisis alerts. Simply send text phrases to proactively inform with high value REAL-TIME audio announcements.

Redundant cellular CAT-M1 wireless AND network capabilities to secure instant delivery of emergency instructions.

Installs simply into audio auxiliary input to seamlessly ADD to existing prerecorded messaging.

Works with TextSpeak’s award winning Notify! application suite.  Local and off-premise mobile and desktop text messaging securely generates voice announcements, visual messaging and e-Alerts (SMS messages) for targeted delivery anywhere.


PA Speakers

earBridge™ converts text messages to audio

Real-Time Announcements for Fire Evac Systems

A key aspect of TextSpeak’s core audio technology is our industry leading high definition embedded text to speech engine that allows messages to be generated instantly from typed or stored text and broadcast over a speaker system as natural speech.

When added to the auxillary audio input of a control panel interface, this system customized to deliver new dymanic messaging in an emergency.


PA Speakers

Dynamic Mobile Messaging to Audio

Adding Notify! and/or our cellular device endpoints supports typing and selecting specific messages and cause them to be played as audio over speakers and/or digitally routed to specific destinations as e-Alert, Desktop alerts or audio over speakers.

This allows the system to be programmed to function in a context-aware fashion. For example, this would allow dynamic active shooter instructions to be played over the existing voice evac speakers!


Event Schedule

Supervision and Redundancy

  Battery operation and dual Ethernet/Cellular channels insure uptime operation. Real time supervision informs by email, voice calls and SMS text messaging during outages.

 Robust activity logging functionalities offer granular location and organization wide analytics that provide actionable insights into your environment.


Retail Store

Emergency Panic Buttons & Sensors

TextSpeak has developed a suite of robust long-range and encrypted wireless buttons and sensors with class leading battery management capabilities to minimize system maintenance and down-time.

Each of these input devices are capable of triggering local announcements as well as launching cloud events to meet ever changing crisis needs.


Call Button, Pocket Remote, Presence Sensors

TextSpeak Notify! Cloud Service

The Notify! Cloud service is the enterprise grade SaaS alert management platform at the center of the TextSpeak Notify! solution that provides control from central operation centers, police, fire and security centers for management of authorized users, messages, schedules and assignments of buttons, sensors, and devices.

The service supports multi-medium notification distribution via on-site audio broadcasts, eAlerts (SMS, email, automated phone calls), network API calls and 3rd party integrations.

TextSpeak Cloud Control

Mobile Apps & Web Console

Managers can leverage TextSpeaks industry leading iOS, Android and web apps to launch text to speech, pre-recorded audio, and voice broadcast messages to one or many earBridge locations, SMS recipients, email lists or automated phone calls from anywhere you have an internet or cellular connection.

Managing situations and making announcements remotely with your smartphone is a game changer for retail where your management may not always be on site.

Smartphone App

Expandable & Flexible IOT Architecture

Built on a flexible, future ready architecture that is both expandable and adaptable to meet current and future business needs. TextSpeak Notify! is a true IoT solution that leverages cutting edge technologies in hardware and SaaS services to deliver a robust, low maintenance, cloud connected solution that is capable of integrating with your existing infrastructure and business tools.

Using ‘open architecture and API design foundations, TextSpeak can offer connectivity to the new emerging world of iOT devices, smart tags, wearables and can leverage current and future wireless standards to maintain continuity of operations.

earBridge Text to Speech Device Amplifiers

earBridge high-definition, world language best in class Text to Speech from Ethernet, Cellular or Wi-Fi cloud control in an industrialized enclosure. Seamless integration, simple operation.

The system supports 25 languages and instantly converts text and data to a high definition, natural sounding voice. Pre-recorded audio announcements may also be uploaded to the units for playback. The unit can feed line level audio into existing audio systems as well as directly connecting to local speakers via the 25 Watt amp output.

earBridge Text to Speech Amplifiers
earBridge Amps

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earBridge Text to Speech Amplifiers
High-Level Functional Flow with Auxillary Audio Feeds

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TextSpeak Retail System Diagram