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TextSpeak CE – Text-to-Speech Cellular  Amplifier

News:  TextSpeak wins SIA award for best Mass Notification Product.

 Over 2 consecutive years, the Security Industry Association (SIA) has awarded TextSpeak earBridge™ amplifiers and Notify! their highest accolades for innovation.

Our earBridge™ technology is now patented!

To add to this acclaim, our awards have just been extended with U.S. Patent grants for our IoT technology used in earBridge™ and Notify!

earBridge TTS-EN-C Cellular Award

Mass Notification

for the Masses™

The TextSpeak CE Device Amplifier is the industry’s first cellular enabled text to speech amplifier. This new addition to the TextSpeak Device family transfers Mass Notification SMS emergency cellular text messages directly to endpoint speakers and paging systems. Simply send an SMS message to the pre-assigned telephone number and the amplifier speaks the text. The system supports 25 languages and instantly converts text and data to a high definition, natural sounding voice. earBridge amplifiers also feed line level audio into existing PA systems as well as directly connecting to local speakers via the 25 Watt amp output.

The TextSpeak CE can be purchased as a standalone unit for integration into existing TextSpeak NOTIFY! Systems or new mass notification systems. It is also included in the TextSpeak NOTIFY! Cellular System as part of an out-of-box notification system that includes the TextSpeak App software.

Service subscription required.

TextSpeak CE Mass Notification Amplifier
TextSpeak CE Mass Notification Amplifier

Full-Featured Cellular Text-To-Speech Amplifier

VerizonNow pre-configured to work right out of the box with Verizon with low cost data plan. Arrives with a phone number already assigned (optional)

For the first time, wide-area mass notifications can reach beyond registered mobile phones. A single TextSpeak CE amplifier can announce a standard text message, sent from anywhere, directly to a paging system. The amplifier can also resend texted data to another network and/or display the announcement on an overhead LED message sign. User definable security levels ensure that only messages from authorized personnel, automated systems and/or emergency responders may generate announcements.

As a first deployment, TextSpeak CE offers a simple, powerful, ready-to-go Mass Notification solution. As an enhancement to large existing systems, TextSpeak CE can be added as a new “cell phone” to a distribution list, and announce audio over any existing paging system. Benefits include deployment simplicity, effectiveness and access for institutions who are challenged to find affordable mass notification solutions. When Mass Notification products are compared, the TextSpeak advantage in comparison is clear. TextSpeak is the ONLY Mass Notification Alert system that offers Audio Announcements over cellular with e-Alerts, Text Messages, SMS, Voice and Emails in a ready-to-use package.

The TextSpeak CE offers a complete Text to Speech platform with a high definition 25 Watt audio paging amplifier. Integrated ambient noise detection optionally allows a 12-20 db SPL ALC (Automatic Level Control) meeting customer demands for clarity in environments with dynamic noise activity.

Typical deployments include building, industrial, campuses and public space installations. Ethernet connectivity offers simple setup, management and control via SMS, FTP and TCP, RSS and XML packet data. Text to Speech generation includes support for word compare and dictionary comparison management, in-line control codes and dynamic language with voice switching.

TextSpeak CE Amplifier Features:

  • Text to Speech earBridge amplifiers support up to 9 concurrent TTS languages or gender voices. Choose from over 24 voices.
  • High Definition amplifier offers unparalleled intelligibility and direct drive for paging system speakers
  • Highly integrated OS provides superior flexibility and support for remote upgrade and file transfers
  • Seamless switching from TTS to/from user stored prerecorded audio files using inline control codes
  • Integrated command and control language, provides complete user control from remote locations
  • Flexible power options permits powering from a wide voltage range of 9 to 24 volts
  • Ambient noise sensing uses speakers to simplify installs. LEDs and terminal report real-time noise levels and volume.
  • User definable power regulation permits 8 and 25 watt operation to protect downstream speakers from overload
  • Flash based, with upgradeable file transfer support and dictionary management
  • Simple integration into EXISTING products. No special programming required.
  • Inexpensive, affordable, low-cost and simple to install!

Connectivity and Setup

Simple Setup and Configuration From Your Browser

Simply connect your TextSpeak CE Amp via the USB port to your computer, connect a test loudspeaker and power up. The unit speaks it’s IP address so just enter the address into your browser to access the simple setup software for your amplifier.

The front of the unit has connections for the following:

  • Power – 9 to 24 volts
  • Audio Line Output – connect to an existing audio or PA system
  • Audio 25 Watt Power Output – connect to a local speaker (speaker not included)
  • DIN – Digital switch input close contact to trigger pre-programmed actions. Optional board available to accept up to 10 local trigger inputs
  • USB – connect to computer for browser setup, audio file upload, and firmware upgrades
TextSpeak Device Amp Setup

TextSpeak-CE supports all Mass Notification Alert Systems

TextSpeak earBridge-CE can also add a VOICE to your EXISTING Mass Notification message and Mass Alerting emergency safety distribution system. Improve and expand Notify! using your AtHoc™, EverBridge™, Omnilert™ , Blackboard™, SendWordNow™, Mir3™, ReadyAlert™ and Rave™ systems. Just add the pre-configured moblie number to your registered distribution list for SMS and Text Emergency Notification and Alert Messages, and earBridge will ANNOUNCE the text message anywhere you need live audio announcements. For more information on  interfacing with  EverBridge, AtHoc, Omnilert , AlertUs,  AlertMedia  Blackboard, Mir3, ReadyAlert, SendWordNow and Rave systems please contact our team. Use cases include active-shooter notifications, panic button systems, emergency announcements, weather alerts, school safety and security notifications.

Learn more about TextSpeak Notify! as a complete mass notification alert and messaging system for Campus, Schools, Industry, K12, Factories and buildings to protect employees, students, visitors with instant text, email, voice call and audio announcements.

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