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Finally, advanced Emergency Notification simply better.


Cellular. Comprehensive. Voice and e-Alerts, Amazing pricing,  Award winning. Fast, proven safe and ready to install in minutes.

Everything Included

Mass Notification components

Sending SMS and emails for crisis alerts is simply not enough.  You need distributed sensors, push-buttons and ‘wearables’ to trigger events,  audio announcements to instantly tell everyone anywhere and a means to connect your alerts to the world. TextSpeak provides all you’ll need for a comprehensive system… in a simple purchase that can be installed in minutes.

Patented Voice Alerts

TextSpeak Notify App

As an innovator for 30 years, TextSpeak took time to look at Mass Notification. We realized that the IoT (Internet of Things) , Speech, AI and Cellular wireless were fabrics of the future. So we converged these to use mobile text messages to generate and deliver real-time voice announcements anywhere, instantly. The US Patent office agreed we had invented something remarkable for Mass Notification, so they granted us a Patent that is a core foundation in NOTIFY!


IoT Verizon Alerting earBridge

Audio announcement notifications to large numbers of people in buildings or public spaces is a challenge, and often involves expensive, complex IP audio systems from multiple vendors. TextSpeak NOTIFY!  solves this challenge by including cellular voice distribution with Notify! that is easy to install and operate without IP network or VoIP support. This offers fast installs, reliable backups and secure, private operation in a crisis or even in power loss conditions.

Amazing  Pricing

TextSpeak Notify Box

Purchasing a complete, safe and proven Mass Notification system can be exhausting. After comparing, making calls, taking meetings and then budgeting costs can skyrocket to $100,000 in no time. With cellular IoT for simple installation, cloud services that are priced honestly, amazing engineering and sensible pricing, TextSpeak can reduce costs by 90% over competitive systems.  Click here to learn How to Buy

TextSpeak Complete System


Business & Industry

Office Building

Low cost and high performance mass notification & safety for protecting employees, workers, and customers with real-time emergency audio alert announcements.

Campus & K-12

TextSpeak Campus
Protecting schools and colleges with real-time emergency audio announcements. A two-tiered approach to Campus Safety recognizes that all locations are not the same.

Public Spaces

Public Spaces
Protecting events, festivals, city streets, community areas, military and government areas with best in class active shooter, mass notification, emergency and e-alert announcements.


Transit Bus

The first comprehensive, easy to install Passenger Announcement and Mass Notification Systems offer Text to Speech Smart Audio Amps and OEM modules for vehicles & stations.

Multi-Location Enterprise

Shopping Center

TextSpeak Notify! addresses the demands of larger enterprise solutions and provides notification messaging, operational simplicity, organizational scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Retail and Loss Prevention

Retail Store

TextSpeak Notify! is a comprehensive Loss Prevention and Customer Service solution enabling retailers to proactively notify their customers and enhance efforts to monitor high value merchandise.

TextSpeak CE Amp

TextSpeak wins prestigious SIA/NPS awards 2 years in a row, including ‘Judges Choice’ and ‘Best Mass Notification’ at International Security Convention ISCWest!

ISC Award