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Safeguarding the world’s largest company and the school down the street.

TextSpeak NOTIFY!





Award winning notification with mobile alerting and voice announcements. Smart, simple safety.

Everything Included

Mass Notification components

Unlike all other Mass Notification systems that offer only a part of a total solution, TextSpeak unifies everything. We include critical voice announcement audio, text messaging, desktop alerting, voice calls, sensors and even wireless push-buttons & ‘wearables’ to unify a complete, cloud-aware, real-time alerting system.

Wireless Voice Alerts

TextSpeak Notify App

TextSpeak spent time to see what was needed to meet the instant alerting needs of today. We realized that key elements of Artificial Intelligence, “IoT” (Internet of Things) , and LTE cellular were being ignored, so we leveraged all 3 to rebuild & reinvent. The U.S. Patent office took a look at our work and thought we’ve created something exclusive and remarkable, so they granted us a patent for AoIoT (Announcements over IoT) to improve and simplify emergency audio alerting.

Amazing  Pricing

TextSpeak Notify Box

Purchasing and installing a complete and reliable Mass Notification system can be costly, complex and difficult. System prices can skyrocket to $50,000 in no time. To simplify this process, TextSpeak offers both wired and cellular IoT for simple installation, cloud services to eliminate local server costs and amazing engineering to converge it all. When added to our sensible pricing models we can reduce total costs by 90% over competitive systems.  Click here to learn How to Buy

Ethernet & Cellular

IoT Verizon Alerting earBridge

Distributing reliable emergency audio alerts in buildings and public spaces can require major rewiring and 100s of modern retrofit IP speakers. To finally resolve and overcome this cost TextSpeak NOTIFY! can communicate over Ethernet and ultra low cost LTE-M1 cellular to deliver announcements anywhere…  (even during a power loss!)

TextSpeak Complete System

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Business & Industry

Office Building

Low cost mass notification & safety for employees and visitors with emergency audio alert announcements.

Campus & K-12

TextSpeak Campus
Safeguard schools and pubic spaces with emergency audio for a complete solution or to add audio zones.

Fire Safety & Voice Evac

Add auxiliary audio to Fire Safety. Effective & flexible Mass Notification crisis announcements.

SMS to Voice Amplifiers

Patented earBridge™ cellular audio improves new & existing Mass Notification systems with audio zones.

Multi-Location Enterprise

Shopping Center

TextSpeak Notify! addresses the demands of larger enterprise solutions allowing multiple locations and command centers

Retail and Loss Prevention

Retail Store

Loss Prevention and Customer Service assistance call buttons notify customers and monitor high value merchandise.

Public Spaces & Smart City

Public Spaces
Safeguard festivals,  cities, military, church & house of worship spaces with active shooter, mass notification & e-alert MNS.

TextSpeak CE Amp

Voted ‘Best Mass Notification’ for 2 consecutive years

Security Industry Association
SIA/NPS Security at ISC West

ISC Award

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