The world’s first convergence of eAlerts and live audio announcements in a complete, cloud-aware platform


Visitor & Employee Safety, Emergency Notification, Critical Messaging, Automated Alerts

Welcome to TextSpeak™ , the world’s leading provider of  Text-To-Speech amplifiers and the first All-In-One Mass Notification System, NOTIFY!
Make your Employees , Students, Visitors and Facilities Safer, Simply.

TextSpeak NOTIFY!

Mass Notification Alert System for Business and Industry

International SIA Winner, Best Mass Notification Systems Innovation

Now, for the first time, safe, reliable voice alerting will be affordable and comprehensive for buildings, offices, retail stores, malls, conventions, schools and factories. Mass notification for the masses! Leverage existing building audio and infrastructure and add mass notification instantly.

  • Affordable and Complete, Includes eMail & SMS e-alerting
  • Real-time live alert announcements
  • Cellular & WiFi Simplicity
  • Voice, Text and Email Alerts
  • Audio paging for Mass Notification, anywhere
  • Enterprise level security
  • Easy to deploy & understand
  • Reach 100s or 1000’s in an Instant
Smartphone App
TextSpeak Complete System


Business & Industry

Office Building

Mass notification and safety for protecting employees, associates, and customers with real-time emergency audio alertannouncements.

Campus & K-12

TextSpeak Campus
Protecting schools and colleges with real-time emergency audio announcements. A two-tiered approach to Campus Safety recognizes that all locations are not the same.

Public Spaces

Public Spaces
Protecting events, festivals, city streets, community areas, military and government areas with best in class mass notification emergency e-alert announcements.


Transit Bus

The first comprehensive, easy to install Passenger Announcement and Mass Notification Systems offer Text to Speech Smart Audio Amps and OEM modules for vehicles & stations.

Multi-Location Enterprise

Shopping Center

TextSpeak Notify! addresses the demands of larger enterprise solutions and provides notification messaging, operational simplicity, organizational scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Retail and Loss Prevention

Retail Store

TextSpeak Notify! is a comprehensive Loss Prevention and Customer Service solution enabling retailers to proactively notify their customers and enhance efforts to monitor high value merchandise.

TextSpeak CE Amp

TextSpeak wins prestigious SIA/NPS awards 2 years in a row, including ‘Judges Choice’ and ‘Best Mass Notification’ at International Security Convention ISCWest!

ISC Award